Monday, 19 September 2011

The Real Bio Carpet Cleaning In London: Don’t Just Clean, Care!

Carpet cleaning in London, has been known by most people as an important activity that ensures our families do not suffer from sneezing, asthma, skin diseases and other problems related to dirty carpets. Like many other important health and hygiene processes, carpet cleaning is not all that easy. It is even made worse by the fact that, after cleaning, you may have to wait very long for it to dry.

Most people today have turned to the use of detergents and other different cleaning chemicals, to avoid the stress and inconveniences associated with carpet cleaning. Little known to them, these cleaning methods, even though they leave the carpets looking clean, have adverse effects, not only on their environment but also their health. While the cleaning process removes the soil and visible dirt, it deposits chemicals which are later inhaled and bring serious health complications.

The only solution to this health problem associated with Carpet cleaning in London is to use cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment and to the people using the carpet. That is what we call Carpet Bio Cleaning.

May I draw your attention to a common misconception among people? It is thought that all cleaning agents that are non-toxic to human beings are also safe to the environment. That is not essentially true. You may use cleaning agents that will not harm your children and pets, but wait until these chemicals find their way to your home garden.

So, which are the best agents for Carpet cleaning in London?

Some cleaning companies claim that they use environmentally friendly cleaning agents because they utilize products made from extracts of soy, grain potatoes and other plants. It is a fact that most bio cleaning agents are made from extracts of plants. However, some of these extracts, especially those from citrus plants, should not be considered in this group. Such products, in most cases, contain d`limonene, which is a chemical from natural products but is categorised together with turpentine. Cleaning agents containing such ingredients are most likely to be potential hazards to the environment.

The solution to real bio cleaning for carpets

If you indeed care about yourself and the ecology around you, the only thing to do is to be extra careful about the person you give your carpet cleaning job to. Ensure that the company understands what eco-friendly products are. It is important to note here that some chemicals may be bio-degradable, meaning they cause no harm to the environment, but are still unsafe to humans, especially young children. This is a serious concern as a majority of the people doing Carpet cleaning in London do not understand it.

Innovate carpet cleaning is a company that has been providing Safe cleaning services in London for more than five years. We do not only care about the cleanliness of your carpets but also your health and your environment. Contact Us today for a free estimate


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