Saturday, 17 September 2011

Serious Health Implications of Carpet Cleaning: Why You Must Regularly Clean Your Carpet

It is not a wonder that carpet cleaning in London is done by most people because, well, it is just as important as it is to clean ones clothes or other utilities. Few of these people really know the seriousness that carpet cleaning should be treated with. As a matter of fact, this critically essential activity is most often left for second priority by most people. But is this just how things should be?

A close survey of the average person reveals that they spend more than three quarters of their time, indoors. Of course, this time increases if the person in question has a young child under their care. In fact, when children become part of the picture, carpet cleaning in London becomes even more serious due to their delicate and sensitive nature.

The fact that indoor air is usually more contaminated than outdoor air is thought by some people to be mare hype. Take a deep look at it. The indoor air is restricted; it does not have free movement as the air outside. As a result, most of the contaminants in it remain suspended and the people in the room breathe in this contaminated air.

Most of the indoor air pollutants come from dry carpets. Take, for example, a day after applying fertilizer or spraying pesticides in your backyard garden. You walk in to the house and deposit soil particles and dust from the garden onto your carpet. Some more get its way in through various other means such as being blown in by the wind.

All this dust, with the poisonous chemicals, settles on your carpet. When people walk on the carpet and children play on it, the dust is blown into the air, making the concentration of the chemicals in your house higher than it was in the garden, due to the lack of adequate air circulation. In such a case, if a sample of the air you breathe in your house was to be tested, you would be advised to instruct everyone in that house to wear a gas mask!

For some people in London, carpet cleaning will only be done when it accumulates visible dirt. If you are one of them, then you have been putting your health and that of the people in your house, to serious danger.

If you have taken quite some time since the last time you cleaned your carpet, but still think it is clean, as you cannot see any dirt on it, I would suggest that you perform a simple test. On a busy day in your house, take a close look at a stream of sunlight making its way into the room. Do not be surprised at the quantity of dust particles you will see bombarding each other in the air! Keep in mind that that is the air you are breathing.

Some people comfort themselves that regular carpet vacuuming is all that is needed for a healthy living environment. Well, that is important, but the truth is that this only removes about 15% of the dry soil from the carpet. The rest is left to become a breeding home for minute bio-pollutants. Different types of bacteria and other disease causing micro-organisms thrive here and become the cause of all your health woes.

It is clear that most of the health problems that we have suffered are related to our carpet cleanliness. The only way to save the situation would be to contract professional cleaning services in London.

Innovate carpet cleaning is a company that has been providing Safe cleaning services in London for more than five years. We do not only care about the cleanliness of your carpets but also your health and your environment. Contact Us today for a free estimate.

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