Monday, 3 October 2011

Bio-Cleaning Carpets In London – Keeping Threats Away To Create A Haven In Your Home

Thinking of house cleaning in London, and the importance of using bio-cleaning methods, I am reminded that in an ecosystem where it is survival for the fittest, everyone and everything is competing for existence, everywhere. Even in your own home, in your office and the environment around you, there are things that you may not be aware of, but they are a threat to your life. You probably will have to develop a ‘longer neck’ like the giraffes in the biology adaptation story.

The ecosystem around us is changing and, even though we cannot overemphasize the importance of house cleaning in London, it is becoming more important than ever. Thanks to industrialization, our soils have become polluted with dangerous chemicals from industries and even the gardens in our backyards. This soil is blown into dust and settles in our houses.

All around you, in the window drapes, the curtain, your mattress, your pillow, are enemies. All your upholstery carries a significant amount of pollen, allergens and dust. Interestingly enough, you are the one who brings some of these enemies to your own home. Some of them attach to your clothes as you walk in the street or even brought in by your lovely pet!

The dust, on accumulation, will most often cause respiratory problems if not cleaned. For the family members who are allergic, these allergic reactions may be triggered by pollen and the dust. If house cleaning in London is not maintained, the dust accumulates and becomes a breeding ground for dust mites.
Did you know that these enemies, who come to compete for space, a habitat and the rights to thrive, the dust mites, live in group of 188 animals?  
They also thrive in any environment as long as there is dirt. When some particles of food fall to our carpets, at times, vacuuming may not be the best way to eliminate them. These particles end up being pre-decomposed by fungi and become food for the dust mite.

The carpets in our homes together with the other upholstery provide a good breeding ground for bio- pollutants. Vacuuming is only able to eliminate about 30% of the dust, dirt and fungus. Bio-cleaning your carpets, is the best way to make sure you win the competition for life between you and your tiny though dangerous enemies.

Now, from all these facts that we are well aware of, we need not say more about the importance of regular cleaning. What we should strongly point out though, concerns what most people in this city often overlook – the importance of contracting professional services for house cleaning in London. There can be a better way to be sure of your health safety.

Innovate carpet cleaning is a company that has been providing Safe cleaning services in London for more than five years. We do not only care about the cleanliness of your carpets but also your health and your environment. Contact Us today for a free estimate.

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