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Carpet Cleaners in London – Jobs Done With a Passion for Life

Carpet cleaners in London probably know something that most of us are ignorant about – their job is driven by a passion for life…well, that is for the companies worth your time. 

Crucial observations

In different homes, carpets are used differently. Some people remove their shoes when using them while others have specific shoes to be used on the carpeted surfaces. Others have the carpeted areas as their exercise fields while others sit on the carpets and eat from there.
Irrespective of the purpose for which you use your carpets for, they contribute to the air circulation in the room in which they are placed.

What it means…

Carpets provide a very good breeding ground for biological pollutants and dust mites. A house with a member who is asthmatic should know these facts and truths. When an insecticide, for example, is sprayed in the air, most of it is concentrated on the carpet, and not in the air as most of us would imagine. The concentrated pollutants then get blown into the air during the various activities that take place on the carpeted area, and this becomes a risk to the asthmatic person and others of high sensitivity.

Now this is sad…

The carpet, which is supposed to create in our homes oasis of happiness and comfort, can end up being a highway to the grave for our asthmatic relatives, if appropriate measures are not taken. Though we say it here on a very light note, carpets are very good breeding places for dust mites and should therefore be cleaned often. Not only cleaned, but bio-cleaned.

Where do dust mites thrive?

If you did not know, then I should tell you that dust mites feed on organic substances such as flakes of shed human skin. They also feed on the small particles of food that fall from our tables, onto the carpets as we feed. As you can see, they can surely dwell with us, without even our notice.

But why raise alarm over a very small animal that can barely be seen with the naked eye? Why should the carpet cleaners in London sensitize us and want to wash our carpets just because of this? Here are a few facts that have shocked London dwellers that recently discovered them…

Facts you must know

Dust mites dwell in numbers of more than 188 tiny insects, in every one gram of dust. The tiny mites have in their guts digestive enzymes that still exist even in their feces. These enzymes are a major cause of many allergic reactions like wheezing. A dust mite lives for approximately 10 weeks, during which time it can produce in the excess of 2,000 waste particles that contain the digestive enzymes. The mite issue becomes even more serious when we consider that they can survive in almost any kind of climate. When it is dry, mites love it and can reproduce rapidly. They will mostly thrive in warm, fluffy areas such as the couch covers, bedings, rugs, curtains and of course carpets. 

The worth of the carpet cleaners in London should be resounding in our minds upon such revelations by now, yet we are not even over.

More facts

Vacuum cleaning will NOT remove dust mites and their allergy inducing droppings, but instead, it will throw them into the air and make the situation worse. Although it really helps, light washing will not completely remove all mites and their droppings from the bedding or carpets.  This is actually the most important reason why we should consider nothing but professional carpet bio cleaning services, and more so, hot water extraction cleaning.  


You surely don’t need any more of these facts to stamp the importance of regularly cleaning your carpets using the right method. Bio cleaning is sure and environment friendly, and that is what carpet cleaners in London that are worth your time, are using. Why should you therefore go for anything less that this?

Innovate carpet cleaning is a company that has been providing Safe cleaning services in London for more than five years. We do not only care about the cleanliness of your carpets but also your health and your environment. Contact Us today for a free estimate.

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