Sunday, 2 October 2011

Why Carpet Cleaning In London Is Vital For Homes With Little Crawling Children

I got a new insight on carpet cleaning in London when, some days ago, I happened to visit a friend of mine with whom we schooled. He then had a new title-father! Beside him sat the wife of his youth, a dream he had always had. There, cuddled in her arms was a lovely baby girl. The baby had a long stare at me. After she was familiar with the ‘stranger’ in the house, she forced her way to the floor, to practice her newly acquired skill- crawling.

Having worked with a number of Carpet cleaners in London, this was of great interest to me. As much as we are happy to see our kids start crawling, we also need to take precautions about what may befall them. We think it as a way to success while actually we may be allowing them to get nearer to their graves, to die before they really live!

 Let me shed some light to some of the dangers we expose our children to:
When the child is practicing her newly acquired skill, there is a very short distance between her and the carpet. This implies that the air that the child is breathing in is highly concentrated with contaminants from the carpet. In many cases, they are not very stable and will not make it on all fours the whole time. This means that they will have to fall prostrate to the ground several times. In such a case, they inhale air directly from the carpet.

We all know that the immunity in children is very low and their chances of contracting respiratory diseases are high. In many cases, the carpets on which the children crawl will have accumulated a lot of dust that may not necessarily be visible to the human eye. This is what the child sniffs right into their respiratory system without your knowledge. That is why it is very important to ask a recognized company doing Carpet cleaning in London to inspect your carpets to find out if they need urgent attention.

You must know by now that there are numerous germs always on our hands and the environment in which we live.

 Children at the crawling age also have another characteristic of ‘eating’ everything they come across. They also ‘eat’ their own hands. Following that they have been supporting themselves also with their hands, it becomes a health hazard too.

It is therefore very important especially for the households with crawling children to have their carpets cleaned, and cleaned well. May I mention here that you may at times think that you are saving your children by hiring a London carpet cleaning company, only to find out that the method they used to do the cleaning left chemicals on the carpet, making it more of a health hazard than it was before cleaning.

Now, how many times, as a parent, have you thought about cleaning your carpets regularly because of your crawling child? It is evident that most parents in London overlook the importance of doing this. Think about it and act now.

Innovate carpet cleaning is a company that has been providing Safe cleaning services in London for more than five years. We do not only care about the cleanliness of your carpets but also your health and your environment. Contact Us today for a free estimate.

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